Born in the late 60s, I'm French, live and work in Paris.
My photographs are the words I'm not able to say or write; my intentions, to fix poetic fragments, coloured instants. 
I always find difficult to explain with words why I take photographs, it's all instinctive, I see something that triggers an emotion, I frame it.
I like the idea to work without temporality. Tell a story maybe, but an imaginary one. I search for the world's melancholic beauty and poetic colours.

Publications :

2022 - Fantôme de verre (book)

2020 -  "Et demain, women for women"

2019 - Light
Exhibitions :
2024 - Hopital Cognacq-Jay, February 5-23 

2019 - Rencontres d'Arles, August 16
Fleeting exhibition following  a  workshop  with Denis Dailleux on Portrait photography - "Six feet"
2019 - PH21 Gallery - Group exhibition, March 14 - April 6
2017 - Winner of the PhotogRATPhie/Magnum competition

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